Mental Health First Aid Training Cardiff

This mental health first aid training in Cardiff ensures you are staying ahead of the curve in the area of workplace wellbeing. In today's world, Mental Health First Aid is gaining recognition as a vital role within any business. Accordingly it is on par with traditional physical first aid. Does your business values its people and aims to provide a safe, healthy work environment? If so, then investing in mental health first aiders is the right step for you.

Discover the Power of Mental Health First Aid Certification with The Priority Academy

The Priority Academy Mental Health First Aid Training in Cardiff spans over five hours of online learning, split into four engaging sessions. We understand the challenges of releasing employees for extended periods, so we have designed our training to be flexible and fit seamlessly into your schedule. This is the power of learning online; it can be viewed from anywhere at any time and broken down into manageable chunks. You save time and money by not incurring travelling and accommodation expenses, delegates learn at their own pace from wherever they work.

Our unique training approach combines theory with hands-on experience, ensuring that delegates not only learn about mental health but also how to conduct effective mental health first aid sessions. This practical experience sets us apart from other programs, as we aim to equip your delegates to confidently assist those in need. Delegates who complete our course will possess a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a pillar of support in challenging times.

Part One: Building a Strong Foundation

In this part, delegates will:

– Discover core facts about mental health.

– Break through myths surrounding mental and emotional health.

– Understand the difference between mental health and mental illness.

– Learn to identify signs of poor mental health.

– Explore the concept of the ‘Monkey Mind.’

– Distinguish between helpful and unhelpful thoughts.

– Get introduced to the ABC Model for mental and emotional health.


Part Two: Understanding Emotional Needs

Delegates will delve into:

– Human Emotional Needs and how they impact individuals.

– The three core stress triggers and their effects on emotional states.

– Emotional Blueprinting and its real-life applications.

– The critical root causes of mental and emotional health issues.

– An understanding of trauma and the trauma response.

– The importance of the two human nervous systems and their relevance

Part Three: Building Essential Skills

In this section, delegates will:

– Learn the core qualities and skills needed to be a mental health first aider.

– Gain practical experience in applying core skills in various situations.

– Understand the mental health first aid process and how to hold a session.

– Explore the power of helping people set short-term improvement goals.

Part Four: Enhancing Capabilities

The final part focuses on:

– Continuing practical skill development.

– Techniques to calm overwhelming emotional states, such as panic attacks.

– Utilising the P.A.L.M. framework as a mental health first aider.

– Assisting individuals in creating a mental and emotional health workout.

– Recognising the importance of routines and rituals.

– Identifying additional helpful resources and guiding others towards improved well-being.

Upon completing all four sessions and a quiz to assess the understanding of their learning, delegates become certified Mental Health First Aiders through The Priority Academy.

Why Choose Us?

At The Priority Academy, we specialise in Mental Health First Aid Certification that holds full accreditation from the Global CPD Standards Office. What does this mean for you? Well, consider this: the same organisation also accredits courses for renowned institutions like the NHS, the Financial Conduct Authority, and The Law Society. You can trust that the training your mental health first aiders receive from us is of the highest standard.

The Priority Academy

Here is the truth: Many other Mental Health First Aid providers are trained solely to deliver the training. At The Priority Academy, our trainer is a Mental Health Coach who actively helps individuals with their mental health challenges daily. Your employees will learn from an industry-leading professional who possesses real-world knowledge and experience, making every training session a transformative experience. Plus, it is delivered the same way every time as it is in an online format. Everyone trained has the same high-quality experience and can re-watch the training repeatedly to instil the knowledge.

Mental health first aid is more than just a checkbox on your compliance list. Our training ensures your staff have real-world help at their fingertips, delivered by a trained and experienced coach who understands how to assist others. When you think about it, would you want a doctor who was trained only to deliver the training, or one with a wealth of real-world experience? The choice is yours to make.

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