The Priority
Mental Health
Assessment Tool

In the fast-paced world of business, the well-being of your staff is paramount. Introducing our groundbreaking Priority Mental Health Assessment tool – a game-changer that empowers businesses across the United Kingdom to understand, nurture, and elevate the mental and emotional health of their most valuable asset – their employees.

> Unlock a Thriving Workplace with Priority Academy’s Revolutionary Mental Health Assessment Tool!

Features & benefits

Welcome to Priority Academy – Your Gateway to Building a Healthy Work Environment

Discover the Pulse of Your Business – Our innovative and data driven assessment tool provides a comprehensive view of your business’s mental health landscape. Gain invaluable insights that will revolutionise how you approach mental health policies, procedures, and support mechanisms within your organisation.

1. In-Depth Business Mental Health Analysis:

Uncover the nuances of your workplace mental health with our detailed assessment tool, offering a comprehensive analysis of your business's mental health ecosystem.

2. Strategic Decision-Making

Armed with actionable insights, business owners and leaders can make informed decisions to enhance mental health policies and procedures, creating a workplace that thrives.

3. Employee Well-being Optimisation

Prioritise your staff's mental and emotional health by identifying areas for improvement and implementing targeted initiatives that truly make a difference.

4. Tailored Support Strategies

Develop customised support strategies for your team based on the specific mental health needs identified in your business assessment.

What our Clients Say

The Priority Academy's Mental Health Assessment tool revolutionised the way we approach staff well-being. The insights provided were eye-opening and allowed us to create a workplace culture that truly cares.

The detailed overview helped us implement effective mental health policies, boosting employee morale and productivity. The Priority Academy is a game-changer for businesses committed to their team's well-being.

Frequently Asked

Our tool employs a comprehensive data driven questionnaire and analysis framework designed to evaluate various aspects of your business’s mental health environment.

Absolutely. We prioritise the confidentiality of your workforce and their data and adhere to strict privacy standards. The assessment is taken entirely anonymously so your team can be assured of privacy.

Our team of experts provides personalised consultations to help you interpret the results and formulate effective strategies for positive change.

Yes, the Priority Mental Health Assessment tool is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that every workplace can prioritise mental health.

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