Is your employee assistance program serving its purpose?

Is you employee assistance program serving its purpose? AND how would you know if it wasn’t? An employee assistance program (EAP) has become a fairly standard offering. Most businesses have some form of EAP in place. Some are good, some great and, unfortunately, some employee assistance programs are not all they are cracked up to […]

How do you reduce mental health absenteeism in your business?

How do you reduce mental health absenteeism in your business? Mental Health absenteeism is having a huge effect on businesses around the word. In a recent post we discussed how much mental health absenteeism is harming your business. You can read that article HERE. Costing businesses billions every year, mental health absenteeism is becoming one of […]

How much is mental health absenteeism harming your business?

How much is mental health absenteeism harming your business? The Silent Impact of Mental Health Absenteeism on Your Business: A Deeper Look In today’s modern business arena, where the push for productivity, efficiency and quality is ongoing, there’s a silent disruptor at work. That disruptor is mental health absenteeism. It’s a phenomenon that, while often […]

Why are EAP programmes not being used?

Why are EAP Programmes Not Being Used? Recent studies have shown that EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) take up is at around 5%. That’s right, businesses are paying for a service for their entire workforce and only 5% are taking it up. As a broad overview an EAP seems like a good idea at a, relatively, […]

How can I balance work responsibilities while maintaining mental health?

How Can I Help My Employees Balance Work Responsibilities with Maintaining Their Mental Health? In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, maintaining the mental health of employees is more critical than ever. As we navigate through deadlines, meetings, and the constant push for productivity, the question of maintaining mental health becomes paramount. At The Priority Academy, our […]

What resources can I provide to help employees manage stress?

Stress has become an almost unavoidable part of our daily lives. As a responsible and caring employer, it is crucial to take proactive steps to help your employees manage stress effectively. By providing resources that focus on coaching and online training, you can empower your team to not only cope with stress but also thrive […]

How do I address the stigma around mental health in my business?

In today’s workplace, the importance of mental health cannot be ignored. However, one significant obstacle that individuals often encounter is the stigma associated with mental health issues in the workplace. Addressing this stigma is crucial for creating a supportive and inclusive work culture that encourages employees to seek help when needed. In this article, we […]

What are the Benefits of Employee Mental Health Programs?

Today, we are diving deep into a topic that is not only important but increasingly crucial in our fast-paced world: Employee Mental Health Programs. Yes, you heard that right! We are going to explore why companies should invest in these programs and the fantastic benefits they bring to both employees and employers. First things first, […]