CoachHive is our innovative coaching tool that allows you to provide personalised communication all from one place. Helping you to be more responsive, efficient and professional. Whilst giving you back time to be able to focus on coaching and ability to continue to scale.

What is coachhive and how can it help you?

Gives you the right tools to scale your coaching business, whilst still delivering a personal service. With CoachHive there is nothing to stop your coaching business expanding as big and as fast as you desire. It provides you the ability to be efficient across all stages of the coaching journey. Whilst delivering a personal one to one service that is unmatched.

Manage all your clients in one central place, with helpful automation whilst keeping your communication tailored to suit each client’s needs. Giving coaches the ability to scale with CoachHive, without making any sacrifice in the quality of coaching.

Organised records

  • Client database
  • Track goals and activities 
  • Create chats with clients
  • Arrange calls and setup meetings
  • Assign pathways and activities 
  • White label dashboard


  • Set up goals for each client
  • Bespoke or default roadmaps
  • Timed and repeatable roadmaps
  • Track goal progress
  • Roadmaps include media, open answer text and multi select answer options

Client portal

  • Client dashboard and login
  • Activities and roadmap progress tracker  
  • Client chats and online bookings with reminders
  • Secure file storage
  • Add notes for each client
  • Cloud based allowing you to view anytime from anywhere

Take your coaching
to the next level

With the functionality CoachHive offers you can be more responsive, providing clear and professional communication tailored to each client. Whilst it being simple for clients to share any important information or updates with their coach.


The level of personalised service and care does not need to be compromised as you grow. Coaches can scale as large as they desire whilst remaining professional, responsive and efficient.


Provide one-to-one communication with ease. CoachHive allows you to be more responsive and deliver better communication, whilst reducing your admin time involved.



With CoachHive you can always know quickly and easily where each client is on their roadmap, with everything managed in one central location. All admin and resources are streamlined so you can focus your time fully on being an effective Coach, with the support of CoachHive behind you.

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