The Ultimate Coaching / Practitioner ToolBox

The Ultimate Coaching Toolbox has over 1000 'Done For You' resources for your business? Whether you're a Coach, Practitioner, Complementary Therapist, Therapist or any other part of The Helping Industry, one of the key things you need to keep you business growing and thriving is great content and tools. The problem is that creating these takes time.... precious time that you could be working on other areas of your business or spending time with your family.

> Once you’re in, you have unlimited lifetime access to the whole ToolBox AND anything else I add to it over time!

Features & benefits

The Ultimate Coaching Toolbox will take care of that process for you!

In your Ultimate Coaching Toolbox you’ll find over 1000 ‘Done For You’ resources. With all of them you can add you logo and branding to and use as your own. How much time would you get back if all your content was already done and waiting for you? And how much would that be worth to you?

The Ultimate Coaching Toolbox contains a multitude of Action Guides, Images, Articles / Blog Posts, Checklists, Worksheets and Slide Presentations. There is enough content to keep you going for a long time. PLUS there are also four fully done for you and ready to go ‘Challenges’ that can be used to draw potential clients to you. Whether you choose to brand the Challenges and Action Guides to give them away or sell them as alternative income streams is completely up to you!

Latest updates

I wanted to make The Ultimate Coaching Toolbox bigger and better so I’ve added a whole host of new stuff!

PLUS I wanted to focus not only on marketing resources. I wanted to make sure that you have resources to grow your business as well. So, most of the new resources are linked to courses and workshops that you can run LIVE with your audience. That means, of course, getting your audience to pay to attend. The hard work is done for you as there are plenty of presentations already created. All you have to do is add your branding / logo and you are away!

Some of the new bundles have scripts in to help you get started with what to say (although I do suggest you put it in your own words). Plus there are marketing posts, emails etc to get you started on attracting people to your course, workshop, webinar etc.

The Ultimate Coaching ToolBox just got bigger and better!

Hear From Our Satisfied Clients

"The Priority Academy has provided me with the opportunity to refresh my knowledge and skills to move forward in my life as a Helping Practitioner; each course has also introduced me to further valuable tools I can add to my toolbox."

"Graham's genuine desire to be about helping others really makes all the difference. He has inspired me to move forward on my own journey to heal and heal others........ Priority Academy has formed a friendly and dynamic community and Graham delivers on his promise of supporting students and is very approachable and friendly."

I really loved my experience taking classes in the Priority Academy. Affordable yet very complete and in depth training! If you are in for growing as a person and as therapist, this is a wonderful place to go. Graham is very accessible, the tools are well presented and support group is a gold mine of support."

Frequently Asked

You can add you logo / branding to them, claim them as your own, give them away, use them for your marketing, use them with your clients, sell them as branded products, use them in webinars and workshops, edit and update them, package them with other resources.

You CANNOT sell or giveaway the White Label Right to others for them to use / sell, you CANNOT sell via Amazon Kindle (against Amazon policies), You CANNOT sell them via Ebay or other similar sites.

We always want you to be satisfied but if you are not you can request a full refund within 30 days as long as you haven’t downloaded any materials.