Stress Buster Program

This Stress Busters course is a fully comprehensive Stress Management course containing 77 Stress Busting exercises, tools and techniques to help you manage your stress more effectively on a daily basis.

What you will cover?

  • Uncover the truth about stress.
  • Decide on the best strategies for you.
  • Discover how to calm yourself in stressful times.
  • Learn how to effectively manage your daily stress levels.

Learning on this course

This Stress Busters course is a fully comprehensive Stress Management course containing 77 Stress Busting exercises, tools and techniques to help you manage your stress more effectively on a daily basis.

More than that though, you’ll learn the truth about stress, how it is caused, what it does to your body and why you need to manage your stress levels more effectively as soon as possible. It is time to take a stand against stress and learn how to manage it effectively so that you live a happier, healthier and more relaxed life….. your life, your terms.

What will you learn?

I’ve been there, I know exactly how it feels to be stress out on a daily basis and how it effects your body and mind. Many years ago I was diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression all at the same time and was prescribed medication….. medication that I never took. Instead I decided to find out as much as I could about these issues so that I could help myself, which I did! I now help others with these conditions (and many more) to improve their lives, to live their lives on their terms, to manage their stress levels effectively.

“The day you let go of the things that are weighing you down is the day that you will shine brightest” – Katrina Mayer

I know you have probably been suffering with stress for a while, you’ve probably been worrying about the effects it has on your health and possibly even your relationships, there’s every chance you’ve been wondering how you can improve the situation and how you can manage your stress levels more effectively. The good news is that you have found the right course for you.

Once you’ve signed up you’ll discover the truth about stress, what it is and where it comes from so that you understand it….. this was key to me in my recovery and can be in yours as well! You’ll find out what stress does to your body and a key thing that doctors don’t tell you about how they use stress hormones with damaging effects! Then you will move on to the 77 Stress Busters and as week talk through each one you can extract the ones that look right to you, the ones that sound like they will be effective in your life, the ones that just feel right.

You don’t have to use all 77 Stress Busters, you take the ones that you want and use them with the knowledge that there are plenty of others to use should you wish to. Most people will use between 5 to 10 of these Stress Busters so why have I included 77 I hear you ask? Well, not everyone is the same so I wanted to make sure I covered ALL the bases for you so that you will find exactly what you need inside the course.

“A diamond is simply a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well” – Anon

It’s time to start handling stress exceptionally well and become the diamond you were meant to be, it’s time to discover how to manage your stress and live the life you want to……… your life, your terms!

Will you allow me to take you through the 77 Stress Busters so that you can discover the ones that work for you and you can start reducing the levels of stress in your life…………. will you let me do that for you?

It’s time to come and join me on this journey to a less stressed life, it’s time to get started!

If you’re still unsure, look at what people who have taken this course thought about their experience.

Marla Dorgan

The Priority Academy is my go to place for certification and general knowledge. The classes are laid out in a very easy format to understand and retain. The workbooks make taking the knowledge and using it right away with my clients a smooth transition.

Charlotte Stenase

I have followed a couple of Graham Nicholls’ very inspirationel courses and felt the contagious energy and deep spirituality that goes along. Graham is very down to earth, easy to understand, explains every aspect of the subject so very detailed and well, that no student can be lost.
I admire Graham very much for his honest, direct appearance – at eye level with the student.

Merete Fuglsang

Absolutely education of high quality. An engaging teacher and every subject is easy to use, understand and Apply in a Daily routine. Graham also offer a lot of material for growing your own buisness. As a registered nurse in a psyciatric ward, i can highly reccomend the Priority Academy

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We’re confident you’ll enjoy this course but if for whatever reason you decide it’s not for you, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, that’s a full refund to you no questions.

Course Details

Who will you learn with?

Graham Nicholls

Graham is an International Best Selling Instructor with over 130,000 students having enjoyed his courses to date. He is the creator of The Priority Academy, a place of learning and growth to help people move into and be successful within the Helping Industry.

One of Graham’s key driving forces is to remove the barriers to the Helping Industry by producing high quality, accredited courses at affordable prices. As The Priority Academy develops it is fast becoming the go to place for those wishing to enter the Helping Industry and is creating a community to help and support everyone.

Over the last 15+ years Graham has developed himself in to an expert in Human Emotional and Behavioural Psychotherapy while becoming a leader in the areas of Strategic Life Coaching, NLP, EFT/TFT, Mindfulness, CBT and Multi-Discipline Psychotherapy. Through his teaching, he helps people to fulfil their dreams of joining the incredible helping industry as Helping/Psychotherapy Practitioners while also assisting clients from around the world to achieve their life’s goals, dreams and ambitions.

Bringing his own brand of Training and his innovative thoughts on Strategic Life Coaching, REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Mindfulness, CBT, Psychotherapy and Leadership, he now teaches people how to “Live Life on Your Terms” through the medium of online video courses and Speaking engagements.

Over 20 years ago Graham was diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and Stress all at the same time and was prescribed medication by his doctor. However he never fulfilled that prescription and decided instead to dedicate himself to the study of those conditions so that he could find his own way out. This lead him to the arena of Life Coaching where he discovered, not only the answers of how to help himself but also the tools and strategies to help others. After training with some of the worlds top Coaches and Therapists such as Tony Robbins, Chloe Medanes, Mark & Magli Peysha and Peter Thomson, Graham is now at the cutting edge of the helping industry

A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Graham has spent many years working as a Strategic Life Coach, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author and now uses his commitment to developing life strategies that help people make positive changes while helping them to create their life on their terms.

His passion for his work is only topped by his passion for his family – his Wife Paula and his Daughter Carrie-ann are at the heart of everything he does and his dedication to them is unyielding.

“Live Life on Your Terms”

Course Details

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