Solution Based Counselling Practitioner Certification

A refreshingly different course that combines the traditional parts of counselling with the latest helping methods. Taking the counselling framework and bringing it to the present day by incorporating powerful tools for change.

What you will cover?

  • Learn a brand new framework for combining counselling and other helping modalities.
  • How to approach every client with a solution-based mindset.
  • Learn the core basics through to expert level.
  • Get involved with experience based video learning to embed the knowledge.
  • Understand how to help your clients move forward positively.

Learning on this course

Unlike traditional therapy, which focuses on exploring past experiences and emotions, Solution Based Counselling looks to the future with a focus on solutions, strengths, and resources to achieve a desired outcome. Learn a variety of techniques including active listening, empathy and reframing to empower people to take control of their lives.

What will you learn?

An online course that will take you on a journey, you decide how quickly you want to travel, and once purchased you have lifetime access. You will learn how to approach counselling with a positive and solution-focused mindset. 


This is a new framework for using the core fundamentals of counselling and adding practical tools that bring counselling skills into the modern age. Providing invaluable insights into how to work collaboratively with your clients, identify their strengths, set achievable goals, and develop a plan of action. 

  • Learn to approach counselling with a positive, solution-focused mindset 
  • Identify specific goals and develop practical strategies to achieve them 
  • Learn effective communication techniques and problem-solving methods 
  • How to develop and apply a solution-focused approach to counselling 
  • Practical, hands-on skills and knowledge about best practice 


This Solution Based Practitioner Course is Accredited by the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). As the provider of this course, The Priority Academy is Accredited as a Quality Distance Learning Provider. On successful completion of this course, you will obtain your Accreditation but can also claim membership in the CTAA. 


You may be someone who simply wants to help others to change their lives for the better, even discover how to do the same for yourself. This course would be a great starting point for you, a positive and practical approach to counselling that doesn’t dwell on the past but looks to the future.

Content included in this course 


Learning is delivered entirely online through a series of videos, a total of 10.5 hours of material. There are also resources in the form of articles and recommended reading you can access to support your learning as well as our exciting experience videos. 


In summary, the course will cover all aspects of solution based counselling: 


  • Introduction and how to make the most of the course 
  • About Solution Based Counselling (SBC) 
  • Solution Based Counselling Core Skills 
  • Solution Dynamics 
  • SBC Framework Stage One – Relate 
  • SBC Framework Stage Two – Explore 
  • SBC Framework Stage Three – Disrupt 
  • SBC Framework Stage Four – Create and Update 
  • SBC Framework Stage Five – Plan and Execute 
  • SBC Framework Stage Six – Review and Update
If you’re still unsure, look at what people who have taken this course thought about their experience.

Blanchie Beavan

I’ve done several of Graham’s courses, they are great. He always explains everything so clearly and with an element of fun, too. My favourite so far is the NLP course, I found it fascinating and have gone on to help people, and myself, with the knowledge I gained. Looking forward to doing another of Graham’s courses soon.

Kevin Gillespie

I’m currently enrolled in two of Graham’s courses. Both of are perfect for what I’m looking to augment my coaching skills. His instruction is clear, complete and very personable. I’ve enjoyed the courses and value I’ve received.

Anne Leggett

I’ve bought a number of Graham’s online courses and they’ve all been excellent. He’s a great coach and teacher. He’s very knowledgeable and he’s gifted at sharing information in an interesting and easily digestible way. Most of all, he’s
passionate about his work and he deeply cares about people.

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Course Details

Who will you learn with?

Graham Nicholls

Graham is an International Best Selling Instructor with over 130,000 students having enjoyed his courses to date. He is the creator of The Priority Academy, a place of learning and growth to help people move into and be successful within the Helping Industry.

One of Graham’s key driving forces is to remove the barriers to the Helping Industry by producing high quality, accredited courses at affordable prices. As The Priority Academy develops it is fast becoming the go to place for those wishing to enter the Helping Industry and is creating a community to help and support everyone.

Over the last 15+ years Graham has developed himself in to an expert in Human Emotional and Behavioural Psychotherapy while becoming a leader in the areas of Strategic Life Coaching, NLP, EFT/TFT, Mindfulness, CBT and Multi-Discipline Psychotherapy. Through his teaching, he helps people to fulfil their dreams of joining the incredible helping industry as Helping/Psychotherapy Practitioners while also assisting clients from around the world to achieve their life’s goals, dreams and ambitions.

Bringing his own brand of Training and his innovative thoughts on Strategic Life Coaching, REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Mindfulness, CBT, Psychotherapy and Leadership, he now teaches people how to “Live Life on Your Terms” through the medium of online video courses and Speaking engagements.

Over 20 years ago Graham was diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and Stress all at the same time and was prescribed medication by his doctor. However he never fulfilled that prescription and decided instead to dedicate himself to the study of those conditions so that he could find his own way out. This lead him to the arena of Life Coaching where he discovered, not only the answers of how to help himself but also the tools and strategies to help others. After training with some of the worlds top Coaches and Therapists such as Tony Robbins, Chloe Medanes, Mark & Magli Peysha and Peter Thomson, Graham is now at the cutting edge of the helping industry

A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Graham has spent many years working as a Strategic Life Coach, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author and now uses his commitment to developing life strategies that help people make positive changes while helping them to create their life on their terms.

His passion for his work is only topped by his passion for his family – his Wife Paula and his Daughter Carrie-ann are at the heart of everything he does and his dedication to them is unyielding.

“Live Life on Your Terms”

Course Details

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