NLP & Strategic Life Coaching Course Bundle

The next level of your learning journey starts here! This course bundle includes The Priority Academy NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Combined Certification AND the Strategic Life Coaching Certification. See all details below.

What you will cover?

  • A full certification course that covers NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner levels.
  • A full Strategic Life Coaching Certification course.
  • Learn the key tools and strategies that the worlds top coaches use to help their clients create change.
  • PLUS – get a free bonus course “Personal Transformation Breakthrough Coach Certification” 

What is included in each course?

NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification

This is a fully comprehensive and Accredited NLP Practitioner Certification AND NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training all rolled into ONE COURSE! (something I don’t think anyone has done with NLP online before!) – are you ready to become a fully accredited NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner? 
Learn everything from the basics of NLP through to advanced tools, techniques and strategies to help both yourself and others bring about change in their lives. Whether you are new to the world of NLP, have a little knowledge and want to expand or you have worked with NLP before and want a refresher, this course is provides everything you need.
“NLP is an attitude and a methodology, not just the trail of techniques it leaves behind” – Richard Bandler (Co-Creator of NLP)
NLP was developed by observing and modelling some of the worlds best communicators and therapists to develop a system for change that is amazingly powerful. Within this course you will find all aspects of NLP broken down and presented in an easy to understand and easy to use style. You will learn how to understand someone at the deepest level, discover the source of their behaviours, limiting beliefs and what holds them back in life and then be the conduit of their change.
Also included are a number of NLP “experience videos” in which you are invited to fully immerse yourself in and reap the benefit from. Whether you want to help others change their lives, help yourself to change your life or both, you have found the course that will assist you in doing that. As human beings, we learn more effectively by doing rather than just watching and listening which is why these experience videos are so key to your journey….. you will experience the learning!

Do you want to………

√ Learn how to connect with people at a deeper level? Yes!
√ Become a master communicator and develop rapport with anyone? Yes!
√ Learn how to help others improve their lives with NLP? Yes!
√ Improve your own life with NLP? Yes!
√ Become a conduit of change through the power of NLP? Yes!
√ Understand what drives our lives and how that can help people? Yes!
√ Discover and use the tools and techniques that the worlds top Coaches and Practitioners use to help create change? Yes!
√ Become a Fully Accredited NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner?
“NLP is like a users manual for the brain, and taking NLP training is like learning how to become fluent in the language of the mind so that the ever-so-helpful ‘server’ that is your unconscious will finally understand what you want out of life” – CA CS Umang Ratani


Strategic Life Coach Certification

This fully comprehensive Strategic Life Coaching Accreditation course will take you from Beginner to Expert Level of Life Coaching through to Strategic Life Coaching while giving you the tools, techniques and strategies to be a truly effective conduit of change for you and your clients.
Join me on this journey to improve and enhance your own life while gaining the knowledge to become a Strategic Life Coach for both yourself and others. Discover powerful strategies drawn from Life Coaching, NLP, CBT, REBT as well as leading Life Coaches and Strategic Life Coaches from around the world.
There is no more rewarding journey than that of the finding yourself and going on to helping others around the world with the framework that Strategic Life Coaching offers. Strategic Life Coaching is the new and improved level of Life Coaching and you can either start you journey right here or enhance the skills you already possess and step up to becoming the force for good that you want to be.
“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling” – Fabienne Fredrickson
This Strategic Life Coaching Practitioner Certification course will give you everything from the core skills you need to be an effective helper, all of the insights and experiences of an instructor who has been coaching for nearly 20 years, plus tools and strategies to not only start you on your journey to being a Strategic Life Coach but also to becoming an effective part of the Helping Industry………. helping to work on and improve your own life alongside doing the same for others.
Within the course you’ll not only find powerful strategies for your own life and individuals that you go on to help, I’ve also included an entire section dedicated to coaching relationships. This sections is packed with strategies for helping couples to move their relationship forward or even bring it back from the edge of break-up. Don’t miss out on this section as it will shape the way you see relationships forever.
“The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life” – Tony Robbins

Bonus Course 

Purchase this course bundle today and you’ll also get The Priority Academy Personal Transformation Breakthrough Coach Certification for free!
That’s over 45 hours of on-demand video-based learning all in one bundle!
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We’re confident you’ll enjoy this course but if for whatever reason you decide it’s not for you, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, that’s a full refund to you no questions.

Course Details

Who will you learn with?

Graham Nicholls

Graham is an International Best Selling Instructor with over 130,000 students having enjoyed his courses to date. He is the creator of The Priority Academy, a place of learning and growth to help people move into and be successful within the Helping Industry.

One of Graham’s key driving forces is to remove the barriers to the Helping Industry by producing high quality, accredited courses at affordable prices. As The Priority Academy develops it is fast becoming the go to place for those wishing to enter the Helping Industry and is creating a community to help and support everyone.

Over the last 15+ years Graham has developed himself in to an expert in Human Emotional and Behavioural Psychotherapy while becoming a leader in the areas of Strategic Life Coaching, NLP, EFT/TFT, Mindfulness, CBT and Multi-Discipline Psychotherapy. Through his teaching, he helps people to fulfil their dreams of joining the incredible helping industry as Helping/Psychotherapy Practitioners while also assisting clients from around the world to achieve their life’s goals, dreams and ambitions.

Bringing his own brand of Training and his innovative thoughts on Strategic Life Coaching, REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Mindfulness, CBT, Psychotherapy and Leadership, he now teaches people how to “Live Life on Your Terms” through the medium of online video courses and Speaking engagements.

Over 20 years ago Graham was diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and Stress all at the same time and was prescribed medication by his doctor. However he never fulfilled that prescription and decided instead to dedicate himself to the study of those conditions so that he could find his own way out. This lead him to the arena of Life Coaching where he discovered, not only the answers of how to help himself but also the tools and strategies to help others. After training with some of the worlds top Coaches and Therapists such as Tony Robbins, Chloe Medanes, Mark & Magli Peysha and Peter Thomson, Graham is now at the cutting edge of the helping industry

A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Graham has spent many years working as a Strategic Life Coach, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author and now uses his commitment to developing life strategies that help people make positive changes while helping them to create their life on their terms.

His passion for his work is only topped by his passion for his family – his Wife Paula and his Daughter Carrie-ann are at the heart of everything he does and his dedication to them is unyielding.

“Live Life on Your Terms”

Course Details

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