How can 24/7 access to mental health workshops help your staff

How can 24/7 access to mental health workshops help your staff?

There are many providers of mental health support in the workplace, usually called Employeee Assistance Programs (EAP’s). Nearly all of them offer some form of helpline that is usually open 24/7 for people to call in. In THIS article we discuss how to choose the right EAP for your business.

Are 24/7 helplines really what they are cracked up to be?

However, there are a couple of issues with those 24/7 helplines. Let’s discuss them below as well as a possible solution.

They are not really helplines

Most of these so-called helplines are not really helplines at all. When I hear the term helpline interns of mental heal support I expect there to be someone on the other end who can help. Unfortunately, these helplines are actually contact only lines. They are staffed by people who are there to take your details, ask some assessment questions and that’s it. If you qualify (and statistics say over 60% get rejected!) for help you then have to wait to be put in touch with a counsellor or coach. 

People still don’t want to talk

It’s unfortunate in this day and age, but still very true, that many people feel the stigma of mental health. They simply don’t want to talk. As much as they are encouraged to do so, it still doesn’t happen. According to survey’s, only 5% of staff actually ever get in touch with their EAP. When you consider that, on average, well over 20% of staff may be suffering with their mental health, that’s a lot of people missing out on help they need.

So what’s the answer?

Are mental health workshops the answer?

While most people still do not wish to talk about mental health, they do want to feel better. They would like the information and knowledge to help themselves. What if they had access to a whole suite of mental health workshops on-demand? What if they could access those workshops 24/7 for anywhere with an internet connection?

Suffering with poor mental health isn’t just reserved for work time! Very often people can suffer at home more than they do at work. Having an option to find the information they need and use it there and then could be a life saver!

Online workshops and courses are becoming the new normality of learning

The online education market is set to become a $185 Billion industry in 2024. Annual growth currently sits at around 8% and has done for a few years now. Over 100 Million people took and online course in 2022. Depending on which report you ready that could be up to 150 Million per year by the end of 2024. By 2027 the industry is predicted to be worth in excess of $385 Billion. People like the instant, on-demand access that learning online gives them and that trend os only going to continue.

24/7 access to mental health workshops

The answer, therefore, to the question asked at the top of this article is this: 24/7 access to online mental health workshops help your staff by giving them the knowledge when they need it the most. No waiting, no assessments to complete first, just instant on-demand access to the information they need, right when they need it.

Will this help everyone? No. However, it will go along way to help a lot of people.


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