Does productivity improve mental health?

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This could be the perfect storm. The ideal cycle that can keep spinning perpetually. It certainly works for me and I’d love to know your thoughts. Does being productive improve your mood and, therefore, positively affect your mental health?

There’s plenty of research

There is plenty of research out there that shows how improving mental health in the workplace increases productivity.

For example; THIS research completed in 2021 shows that improved productivity is just one of the many benefits. You only have to do a quick Google search on the benefits of improving mental health in the workplace. Within seconds you’ll have a whole host of reports and research at your fingertips. By now, the fact that improved mental health has a positive effect on productivity is undeniable.

Are mental health and productivity the perfect storm?

So, the question to be answered is this. If improving mental health positively effects productivity, does productivity positively effect mental health? If they did, surely they would be the perfect storm. One directly effecting the other and, in turn the other positively effecting the first. 

I’m going to call on my own experience here and would love to know your thoughts. From my perspective, when I have a productive day I generally feel good, and sometimes great, about it. To close my laptop at the end of the day having achieved plenty is a great feeling. I can walk away feeling like I’e accomplished something.

Doing that for days on end can only serve to lift my overall mood. If then, by association, my mood is good for days on end the overall result is inevitable. My mental health improves and, therefore, in turn so does my productivity. It becomes its own self fulfilling upward spiral.

But does the crash come?

Of course, at some point there will come a day when I am less productive. It could be for any number of reasons. Maybe I’m ill or my wife is poorly and I have to look after her. It’s possible that something gets in the way such as a power cut or something urgent needs doing. It could even be that I procrastinate, granted that is less likely if my emotional state is in a good place.

What happens after that less productive day? At that point a choice arrives. Does the mood and feeling crash and burn, spiralling into low productivity and therefore low mood. Or, is the mood kept higher by choice and knowing that the productivity level can be raised the following day? Well, that’s a choice that the individual has to make. It’s likely, however, that if there have been plenty of “up” days, one ‘down’ day won’t spoil the party!

How does this effect your business?

The perfect storm needs to be harnessed in your business. By giving your workforce the skills, knowledge and tools to do the job you directly affect their mental health. As a formed manager of mine used to say:

“95% of people come to work to do a good job, it’s the management that stop them”

You, as a business owner, leader or manager have the opportunity to create the perfect storm. The question is, will you let it be the perfect upward, positive storm or the downwards, negative storm? The choice is yours. Employing the services of someone to help improve the mental health of your workforce will help the upwards storm to take hold. The results from that could be astronomical. Will you?

How we can help

At The Priority Academy we offer the means to assess the mental health landscape of your workforce. From this we can assist you in building a mental health strategy and deliver the training to meet that strategy. With each step we can routinely ‘check-in’ with the progress through our workforce mental health assessment tool. This ensures you see the real, tangible results that your people are making and you can view the effects it is having on your ROI.

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