Life Coach Training that teaches you what you need to help others

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Today I want to discuss life coach training courses and whether they teach you what you need. Have you ever taken a training course that didn’t deliver on what you expected? Or maybe you have been on a training course that you walked away from not remembering the content.

That can be a problem with some training courses and, to be honest, I’ve been on plenty of life coach training courses that were like that. It sometimes feels like some life coach training courses are just the basics repeated time and time again. It’s as if they think that people won’t notice, they’ve paid their money so it doesn’t matter what they get.

Life Coach Training should matter

The truth is that any and all training in the area of life coaching should matter. As coaches, we have a huge responsibility. We can help people change their lives in some way and that should be taken seriously. It should taken seriously by both the instructor and the trainee. 

The content should reflect the seriousness of the subject at hand. More than that, the resources that come with the content should also be thorough and professional so as to add to the content in a meaningful way. However, the biggest factor, in my humble opinion, is that the life coach training should be able to be reviewed often. We all know that repetition is the mother of all skill, right?

It’s a 2.5 billion dollar industry

The life coaching industry has been growing at an amazing rate for the last ten to fifteen years. It just doesn’t;t seem to stop. In a recent report written by The Priority Academy, the industry is determined to currently be worth $2.5 billion per year. See the full report here

With an industry that size, it’s about time that ALL life coach training was at a high standard. The world needs coaches now more than ever. The area of mental health coaching is growing rapidly and is at the forefront of the current growth trends. With mental health issues around the world growing at an exponential rate, the world needs coaches. Which, in turn, means coaches need great training courses.

Where can you get a great life coach training course?

Even though I have said that there are many courses that don’t fulfil what they promise…. there are also many that do. There are companies out there that are determined to bring the highest level of training to the industry. These can be both in-person and online training companies.

There a couple of ways to ensure you choose the right life coach training provider:

  1. Check out what is covered in the course. Read their online descriptions or request a prospectus. Ensure it covers more than just the basics. Three key areas that should be covered in every course are  Beliefs, Identity and Values. If those areas are not covered then it is not worth it…. in my opinion.
  2. Make sure you check out their ratings and reviews online. Not just the reviews that they have on their own website, we all know they can be made up. Check their Google or TrustPilot reviews. make sure that people who have taken their courses previously are happy with what they have received.
  3. Finally, make sure that there is some sort of money back guarantee. This should be a standard offering these days and yet there are some providers out there that don’t offer this at all.


Follow these three suggestions and, hopefully, you have found the right life coach training course for you.

What The Priority Academy can offer you

Our Strategic Life Coach Training Certification offers you everything that is described above (which you would expect as we are writing about it!). A fully online course where you can learn at your own pace, view as often as you would like and get a 14 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.  Click the button below to find out more.

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